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Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 15:58:50 +0000
From: Dudy Dudy <>
To: "" <>
Subject: zip2john fails to hash my zip file


I created a password protected zip file some time ago and I forgot the password (classical...). I am quite sure that at the time, I created it with the 7z program (a zip file, not a 7z file).
When I run zip2john, it lists all files contained in the archive with this:

"ver 81.9 is not encrypted, or stored with non-handled compression type"

I just created a similar archive using this command:

"7za a -tzip -pSeCreT secretFile.txt"

and ran zip2john on it, which was successful with this output:

"ver 78.8 PKZIP Encr: cmplen=7741, decmplen=32801, crc=97E07BAB"

Finally, I ran zipinfo on my original archive and got this:

There is no zipfile comment.

End-of-central-directory record:

  Zip archive file size:                   3389480 (000000000033B828h)
  Actual end-cent-dir record offset:       3389458 (000000000033B812h)
  Expected end-cent-dir record offset:     3389458 (000000000033B812h)
  (based on the length of the central directory and its expected offset)

  This zipfile constitutes the sole disk of a single-part archive; its
  central directory contains 71 entries.
  The central directory is 5695 (000000000000163Fh) bytes long,
  and its (expected) offset in bytes from the beginning of the zipfile
  is 3383763 (000000000033A1D3h).

Central directory entry #1:


  offset of local header from start of archive:   0
                                                  (0000000000000000h) bytes
  file system or operating system of origin:      Unix
  version of encoding software:                   6.3
  minimum file system compatibility required:     Unix
  minimum software version required to extract:   5.1
  compression method:                             unknown (99)
  file security status:                           encrypted
  extended local header:                          no
  file last modified on (DOS date/time):          2015 Mar 15 12:39:48
  32-bit CRC value (hex):                         00000000
  compressed size:                                58771 bytes
  uncompressed size:                              59021 bytes
  length of filename:                             23 characters
  length of extra field:                          11 bytes
  length of file comment:                         0 characters
  disk number on which file begins:               disk 1
  apparent file type:                             binary
  Unix file attributes (100640 octal):            -rw-r-----
  MS-DOS file attributes (20 hex):                arc

  The central-directory extra field contains:
  - A subfield with ID 0x9901 (unknown) and 7 data bytes:
    02 00 41 45 01 08 00.

  There is a local extra field with ID 0x5855 (old Info-ZIP Unix/OS2/NT) and
  8 data bytes (GMT modification/access times only).

  There is no file comment.

The second section is repeated with as many files contained in the archive.
My ultimate goal to is be able to recover the password of the archive.
What steps shall I take next?

Thank you for your help.

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