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passwdqc for Windows - password/passphrase policy enforcement

passwdqc is a well-known proactive password and passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement toolset. It is available for (and included as part of) a variety of Unix-like systems since 2000 (with many updates), and is now also offered for Windows. Supported are both domain controllers and end-user systems.

Full support for passphrases, extensive testing [1] [2] [3] on real-world passwords, being able to exactly match the policy you use on Unix (if applicable), bundled end-user programs (their use is optional), and simple site-wide licensing and pricing (not per-user, nor per-computer) differentiate this product from the competition.

The product, once installed, registers with the system a password filter DLL, which is where the policy is enforced. Also included are three programs: Configuration, Change Password, and Reset Password - please see the screenshots. The latter two programs may be used to easily duplicate the domain controller's password policy on end-user systems, so that the users are informed of the specific reason why their initial choice of new password did not meet policy and are offered randomly-generated passphrases.

We currently support Server 2008 or Vista and above (currently tested up through Windows 10), just like Microsoft does.


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passwdqc for Windows - screenshots made on Windows 8.1

Configuration utility:
passwdqc for Windows - Configuration utility
Change Password utility:
passwdqc for Windows - Change Password utility

The generated passphrases have been confirmed to meet the expected statistical properties (no excessive repetitions among millions generated for testing purposes on Windows 8.1 64-bit). We use CryptGenRandom, an interface to Windows' cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator.

Reset Password utility, user choice dialog:
passwdqc for Windows - Reset Password utility - user choice dialog

Reset Password utility, new password dialog:
passwdqc for Windows - Reset Password utility - new password dialog

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