John the Ripper Pro password cracker for Mac OS X

John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords, although Windows LM hashes and a number of other password hash types are supported as well. John the Ripper is free and Open Source software, distributed primarily in source code form.

John the Ripper Pro builds upon the free John the Ripper to deliver a commercial product better tailored for specific operating systems. It is distributed primarily in the form of "native" packages for the target operating systems.

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John the Ripper Pro is available for a number of operating systems. This web page describes the Mac OS X revision of John the Ripper Pro.

On Mac OS X, the features currently specific to Pro versions are:

On Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and newer, you additionally get:

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The following password hash types are currently supported (and more are planned):

Support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion salted SHA-512 hashes is planned - please ask us about it so that we know whether there's demand. (Even though John the Ripper runs on Macs, the primary intended use is to audit password hashes off of other systems.)

You may browse the generic documentation for John the Ripper online. Also relevant is our presentation on the history of password security.

There's a mailing list where you can share your experience with John the Ripper and ask questions. Please be sure to specify an informative message subject whenever you post to the list (that is, something better than "question" or "problem"). To subscribe, send an empty message to <john-users-subscribe at> or enter your e-mail address below. You will be required to confirm your subscription by "replying" to the automated confirmation request that will be sent to you. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time and we will not use your e-mail address for any other purposes or share it with a third party. The list archive is available locally and via MARC.

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There's a proactive password strength checking module for PAM-aware password changing programs, which can be used to prevent your users from choosing passwords that would be easily cracked with programs like John.

We may help you integrate proactive password strength checking with pam_passwdqc into your OS installs, please check out our services.

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