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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2023 12:47:26 +0000
From: "Max R. Dechantsreiter" <>
Subject: Re: unknown type name '__gnuc_va_list'

On Wed, Mar 08, 2023 at 12:43:23PM +0000, Ralo Kossovo wrote:
> On 3/8/23, Max R. Dechantsreiter <> wrote:
> > so how is it that prefix=/usr/local/musl?
> >
> > Likewise exec_prefix should not be in system space.
> To my knowledge, these defaults get overwritten by 'config.mak' when
> it gets included on 'Makefile:78'. That is so that the 'Makefile'
> routines get preserved across iterations and work only with changing
> variable values, I believe. Essentially, it makes everything more
> straight-forward and deterministic - a reason why I was able to refer
> you to a specific line of the Makefile.
> Feel free to correct me on this if I'm wrong.
> Could you, please, share with us the contents of
> '$(prefix)/bin/musl-gcc' and '$(prefix)/lib/musl-gcc.specs'?

[/home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/bin] 28> cat musl-gcc
exec "${REALGCC:-gcc}" "$@" -specs "/home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/lib/musl-gcc.specs"
[/home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/bin] 29>

[/home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/lib] 31> cat musl-gcc.specs
%rename cpp_options old_cpp_options

-nostdinc -isystem /home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/include -isystem include%s %(old_cpp_options)

%(cc1_cpu) -nostdinc -isystem /home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/include -isystem include%s

-L/home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/lib -L .%s

libgcc.a%s %:if-exists(libgcc_eh.a%s)

%{!shared: /home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/lib/Scrt1.o} /home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/lib/crti.o crtbeginS.o%s

crtendS.o%s /home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/lib/crtn.o

-dynamic-linker /lib/ -nostdlib %{shared:-shared} %{static:-static} %{rdynamic:-export-dynamic}




[/home/maxd/GNU/lib/musl-1.2.3_gcc-12.1.0/lib] 32>

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