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Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2019 12:09:11 +0200
From: Dmitry Golovin <>
To: "" <>
Subject: Re: [preview] Aalbus : a musl/clang/libc++ distro

17.11.2019, 11:32, "Jens Staal" <>:
> Dear all,
> I recently got a direct e-mail asking about the progress of this hobby
> OS and shared a preview archive:
> It might be nice to get some extra eyeballs on it. The archive is
> surprisingly big compared to my previous musl/clang/libc++ gentoo
> stage 4. Perhaps due to pkgsrc (which also has a tendency to pull in
> lots of dependencies for each package)..
> Brief background:
> Name/mascot: The name/mascot comes from the Lovecraftian giant albino
> penguin Aptenodytes albus:
> Toolchain : musl/clang/libc++ + elftoolchain
> Package manager: pkgsrc
> shell: mksh
> editor: vis (-->vi)
> Several alternative libraries (libedit, gettext-tiny, netbsd-curses,
> skarnet,...)
> utilities: a mix of sbase/ubase, Heirloom and (Net)BSD (+freegrep)
> man: mandoc+neatroff
> I had hoped to use nbase as major provider of general utilities but
> when I managed to build it most binaries crashed with a core dump so I
> went back to sbase.
> Some major TODOs still are to build/package syslinux and linux kernel
> and figure out how to make a bootable live ISO.

Wow! Impressive work. I have my own attempt on
such distro, but it's a lot smaller right now, so
less impressive. I've been working on it since
2014, but hasn't been active.

The name is nenuzhnix, the main idea is not using
anything from the GNU Project when building it.
Here is the project's GitHub link:

The full list of packages: base-files, curl, dash,
dropbear, e2fsprogs, eudev, kbd, kernel-headers,
kmod, libarchive, libedit, libgit2, libressl,
libssh2, libusb, lynx, miniz, musl, netbsd-curses,
opkg, pciutils, shadow, simplegit, toybox,
usbutils, xz.

As you can see, it's not much, but it's very easy
to add new packages and I will be happy to accept
pull requests adding new packages or improving
existing ones.

I use my own toolchain called ngtc to build all
the packages. Here is the project's GitHub link:

It consists of clang, compiler-rt, libc++,
libc++abi, libunwind, lld, llvm. Right now Alpine
Linux is used as the host system to build all the
packages, but at some point nenuzhnix should
become self-hosting and be able to build itself.

Also you can easily try it with docker by running
the following:
  docker run -ti --rm tpimh/nenuzhnix /bin/esh -l


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