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Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2017 18:59:38 -0500
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Re: Re: a bug in bindtextdomain() and strip '.UTF-8'

On Sat, Feb 11, 2017 at 02:00:56PM +0800, He X wrote:
> fresh patch :)
> 1. It's easier that just stopping at dot, and i think this should be
> commented in the wiki or somewhere.
> 2. I read your first part of reply for 20mins, but im not sure; If i
> understand right, you mean, let the __locale_map* and strcut binding* be
> the id-card for msgcat list instead of the long name string, not only
> faster, but also more easy to construct pathname string.

Yes. The values needed for the "id-card" (key) for the lookup are:

1. loc->cat[category]
2. category
3. The struct binding * active for domainname; gettextdir should be
   replaced with a function to lookup the binding rather than just
   returning the dir name.

These three pointer/integer values uniquely determine the pathname(s)
to try, and thus the mapped translation file to use.

> But there's some
> questions:
> + I removed name from msgcat, i can't find its use there, is it safe?

I think that's fine.

> + gettextdir() is replaced by a new loop, since i need the pointer of
> struct binding not only the dirname, but then, gettextdir() is only called
> by bindtextdomain(), is there a need to keep it? Or we have a better way to
> get the pointer of struct binding?

It could be replaced with a function calle getdomainbinding that
returns the struct binding * for the domain argument. Then the caller
can use the returned pointer to lookup an existing mapped msgcat, or
read out the ->dirname member if it needs to construct a path to map a
new one.

> + you said msgcat's indexed by  ( struct __locale_map *, struct binding *,
> category ), but i found lm(locale_map) is located by category, so if
> category is different, then we can't get the same lm, so we can just
> compare lm, right?

If LC_TIME and LC_MESSAGES are both the same locale, then
loc->cat[LC_TIME] and loc->cat[LC_MESSAGES] will both be the same
pointer. Thus category also needs to be kept for the lookup (and path

Does this help?

I'll review the patch code separately.


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