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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 06:24:54 -0500
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Revisiting 1.0 publicity plan

Here's what I've dug up from the old publicity plan thread and more
recent developments, organized into a few specific areas we can work

1. Reviewing status of musl support in:

- Buildroot (
- Crosstool-ng (
- EmbToolkit (
- OpenWRT (
- Gentoo (
- Alpine Linux (
- Aboriginal Linux (
- ...?

For the ones where support is complete or significant process is being
made, we should highlight their support of musl in the publicity work
we do elsewhere; doing so seems mutually beneficial. I think we can
also mail them announcing 1.0, thanking them for supporting musl, etc.
and offering to follow up on any issues they're still having.

2. Introducing musl to projects that could benefit from it but which
may not be aware:

- Cyanogenmod (
- Code Sourcery (
- Linux-initramfs (
- DD-WRT (
- Raspberry Pi (
- ... ?

They would be candidates for sending our release announcement/press
release to, with an offer to help if they want to use musl. I'm
especially interested in promoting musl to Cyanogenmod.

3. Announcing to news sites and traditional media:

- Linux Journal
- Linux Today
- Slashdot
- Ars Technica
- [Android news sites?]
- Paper magazines (PC Mag, Computer World, ...)
- ... ?

For these we probably need multiple versions of the release
announcement, ranging from more technial to talking points with
mainstream interest (bridging Android and Linux apps by providing a
full-feature libc that's light and license-compatible for use on
Android, etc.).

4. Calling on the musl community to blog/tweet/etc. about the 1.0
release when it happens.

This is a really obvious way to step up publicity without depending on
anyone else. Some ideas: what you like about musl, why you use it or
are involved with the project, success stories about deployment, etc.

5. Collecting patches for software that needs fixes to build on musl
and pushing them all upstream.

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