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Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 03:55:34 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Missing symbols for supporting glibc-built

As of now, C++ programs/libraries linked against glibc should work
with musl as long as a musl-built version of is available
in place of the glibc-built one. The only remaining type that does not
match glibc, in the full C++ name-mangling sense of matching, is
fd_mask. (This type is not really intended to be public, and glibc
will probably change it to match musl's definition after 2.18 is

However, the glibc-built still has a few unsatisfied
symbol references:

* __-prefixed versions of the *_l locale functions.

* Some nonstandard *_l locale functions.

* All the "xstat" functions (glibc's pre-symbol-versioning hack for
  ABI stability of stat()).

* The gettext interfaces.

Of these, all but gettext are fairly trivial to add. I'm still
undecided on whether libc should have an implementation of gettext,
but I am confident the size could be made trivial.

The advantage of getting the glibc-built libstdc++ working with musl
is that the musl-gcc wrapper could be used to build C++ programs too,
not just C. This is particularly important now that new GCC versions
are using C++ code; without the ability to use the existing libstdc++,
an earlier GCC version must first be built to bootstrap a musl-based


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