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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 11:10:11 +0100
From: Alexander Stadler <>
Subject: Re: MAP_LOCKED already added to mmap on current git version (was
 a sidenote on unknown type name 'loff_t' , which is an other "problem")

Am 24.01.2013 20:47, schrieb Szabolcs Nagy:
> * Alexander Stadler <> [2013-01-24 19:55:27 +0100]:
>> mips-openwrt-linux-musl-gcc -Os -pipe -mips32r2 -mtune=mips32r2 -fno-caller-saves -mno-branch-likely -fhonour-copts -Wno-error=unused-but-set-variable -msoft-float -Dtarget_ar71xx=1 -Wall -DFIS_SUPPORT=1  -I/space/build-trunk/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_r2_musl-0.9.8/usr/include -I/space/build-trunk/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_r2_musl-0.9.8/include -I/space/build-trunk/trunk/staging_dir/toolchain-mips_r2_gcc-4.6-linaro_musl-0.9.8/usr/include -I/space/build-trunk/trunk/staging_dir/toolchain-mips_r2_gcc-4.6-linaro_musl-0.9.8/include  -Wall   -c -o fis.o fis.c
>> fis.c: In function 'fis_open':
>> fis.c:80:64: error: 'MAP_LOCKED' undeclared (first use in this function)
>> fis.c:80:64: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
> your musl is old, there were updates to mman.h recently
> there was no musl release since the updates
> so that's why you are hitting these issues
> (it's a good idea to check the git log in case of errors,
> musl is still in development)

Thank you very much!
You were absolutely right, adding these commits (and added defines to mmap including MAP_LOCKED which mtd needed to compile. Didn't thought on checking git for that (as I didn't know that mmap is comming from there too).
So thank you Rich, seems as you don't have to find somebody to add them anymore ;-).

Also I have to say I'm getting really great support on your mailing list, thats very nice.


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