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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 20:49:50 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Hello

> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 07:09:25PM -0400, wrote:
>> I've been getting a little impatient waiting to see if anything happens,
>> so I started going through orc's patch and revising it.
> Sorry, I've had fairly little in the way of contiguous blocks of time
> to work on stuff over the past few weeks. Trying to catch up a bit...
Not directed at you in particular, and I understand that.

> I need to look back at the archives but it seems a lot of this patch
> was about getting glibc binaries to run with musl. Can we break the
> efforts to integrate it down into 3 steps:

I broke it down into 10 patches, taking roughly the same approach.

> 1. Linux API-level stuff musl should be supporting regardless of glibc
> compatibility.
See patches 1-4.  These are the missing syscalls.

According to what orc was saying, patch 1 was what he needed for Xorg.
Gregor also said he could use it.

> 2. glibc-compatibility symbols that need to be exported to get
> high-demand binary blobs (like video drivers) working.

> 3. Additional glibc-compatibility symbols, which may or may not be
> wanted/needed/desirable in the long term, and which we can at least
> defer addressing for a while.

orc would know better than I, but it *seemed* that he was saying that
everything in his patch fell in 1 or 2 ...

>> While looking at arm, I noticed that x86/mips gas uses @function while
>> arm uses there a reason for this?
> I think it's just a difference in the asm syntax rules for different
> targets. They're all very inconsistent...
OK, thanks.

>> >> > Probably you will want to add:
>> >> > - weak_aliases for __underscores

>> >> Except most of them should be in the opposite direction. Especially
>> >> for functions like strxfrm_l where we'll eventually want the ISO C
>> >> "foo" function to depend on the POSIX "foo_l" function, the latter
>> >> will need its real name to be the __-prefixed version.
>> Are there any of these that should not be the other way around?

> Need to review again...

See patches 5-10 (except the finite() patch)
I figured that any *isoc99* or __*_internal aliases were for ABI only and
left them as orc had it.
Everything in src/locale/ I assumed (!) was not ISO C99, and did them "in
the opposite direction".

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