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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 21:01:16 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Request for comments: website updates?

I know a lot of stuff in the musl website is a bit outdated, lacking
in details, etc. and I'd appreciate some ideas to get it more
useful/informative between now and the 0.9 release. Website is a GREAT
bikeshed so come on everybody, have at it.. ;-)

Here's some random brainstorming...

New main section layout?
About | How to use | Get musl | ...

About: What musl is, why one should be interested in using it. This is
the place to hype musl's strengths like size, performance, ease of
deployment, lack of corner-case/oom failures, ultra-robust POSIX
threads and timers, etc.

How to use: 3 ways to use musl; again appealing to wide audience
- with wrapper to make easy-to-deploy static linked or minimally
  dynamic-linked programs,
- with a musl-based distro like sabotage (or in the future, a more
  mainstream distro like gentoo with a musl option)
- as the basis for building your own system from scratch

Get musl: Not just musl release/git download links; also links to
sabotage and other dists, and perhaps in the future some binaries for
folks who are lazy and not very paranoid. A musl-based rescue disk
might be interesting here too.

Community page needs major updates...

Docs page is rather empty...

Possibly add a news page in oldschool weblog (pre-blog) format (flat
html with really old stuff moved to a separate page, no commenting,
updates on what's going on in development, ...) If I do this I'm not
sure how much I should include on it; probably only stuff directly
related to musl development, and keep the more random stuff on the
separate upcoming blog...


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