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Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 21:52:59 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Re: Namespace issues, missing functions, _BSD_SOURCE for

On Thu, Apr 05, 2012 at 06:03:07PM -0700, Isaac Dunham wrote:
> > There is no "ANSI" namespace in unistd.h because it's not a standard C
> > header but a POSIX header. It's definitely correct for POSIX 2008 base
> > as-is without any patching.
> Should have checked that. 
> I guess it will be a rewrite then.
> Which profiles are you aiming to support? Latest versions only for
> POSIX, ISO, and X/Open? Or only versions in the past decade?
> I don't see any signs of  version checks, so I assume you want POSIX2008
> and XOPEN2008 (_XOPEN_SOURCE >= 700) only, and no support for SUSv3.
> This will make the patch a lot smaller and cleaner.

My aim has always been the minimum set of profiles that will meet
real-world needs. Latest-version seems to be fine for that. The only
possible issue is interfaces that have been removed, but code that's
old enough to still be using interfaces that were marked obsolescent
11 years ago and removed 4 years ago probably needs _GNU_SOURCE or
similar anyway..

> <snip>
> > AFAIK most of these do not exist in musl at the moment.
> Guessed that.  It was meant as a comment on the status.


> > > +#if defined(_BSD_SOURCE) && !defined(L_SET)
> > > +#define L_SET
> > > +#define L_INCR
> > > +#define L_XTND
> > > +#endif
> Forgot to add the SEEK_SET, etc. here.
> Should be 
> #define L_SET SEEK_SET
> ...
> hence the placement.



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