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Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 18:55:01 +0200
From: Luka Marčetić <>
Subject: Re: cluts review

On 07/13/2011 06:03 PM, Solar Designer wrote:
> Luka, Rich -
> The below is not criticism, but just some feedback on my test run of
> cluts earlier today.
> So, with the changes that I described before, I built cluts on a glibc
> 2.3.6'ish linux-threads system (yes, pre-NPTL).
> [...]
> As to cluts going to sleep, this is probably a bug in alloc.c.  If this
> file is going to be rewritten, then it might not make sense to chase the
> bug down now.  But it is useful to re-test the new version with low
> RLIMIT_AS as well.

Thanks for the tip.

> After a while, I killed the alloc thread that consumed the most CPU time.
> (BTW, all of them are just ./cluts in "ps" because cluts.c passes its
> own argv[0] to exec.  Perhaps it'd be nicer to fix that.)

Wasn't aware of this. Will fix.

> The 'alloc' test collection crashed!
> Executing 'buf' test collection...
> I got lots of errors from "numeric" - I didn't bother recording most.
> The above are just a few of them.

In my opinion, the errors are warranted. But I asked Rich for review on 
that one. In fact, the collection blocks a lot of error messages. Each 
string that gets passed to multiple functions is printed only with the 
first function that fails running with it (in your, strtoumax appears a 
lot of times, because that's the first function that gets executed with 
each string). The huge long long integer printout is I guess what makes 
it look as if there are more messages than there are. Other than that, 
it's probably the implementations. If it still turns out to be a test 
data issue, let me know.

> The 'numeric' test collection failed 16384 test(s).

Hmm, is it an up-to-date version of cluts.c? The number is overblown.

> Executing 'string' test collection...
> The 'string' test collection passed.

String.c always does (it still returns 0 no matter what) ;-P

> Test collections passed: 1/4
> This is the known issue with number of failed test collections, right?
> Should have been 2, I guess.

This is the number of passed collections. I don't know why it says "out 
of four" here, if you still have the buf.c-less version :-/

> Thanks,
> Alexander

Thank you for the review.
I'll offer my responses to feedback in form of commits :-)

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