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Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 16:59:20 +0100
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: opencl not finds the password. In CPU it founds.

On Mon, Jan 06, 2020 at 05:00:36PM -0500, robertde12e wrote:
> You want to know what I was told when I reported the same problem with wpapsk?

You must be referring to:

You didn't report the same problem as what Ricardo brought up in this
thread.  It only looks "the same" in that you had no success using your
GPU, but the underlying issue is different.  With the drivers setup (or
lack thereof, maybe) that you had, programs like JtR couldn't see your
GPU at all, so you ran OpenCL on CPU instead and that's not something
we optimized for - you're better off not using OpenCL, then.

In Ricardo's case, a GPU is seen, and even the self-test succeeds (or
else JtR would have reported the failure), but somehow the password is
not cracked.

One thing in common, though, is that getting a reliably working setup
with AMD GPU drivers can be tricky.

> Use Windows

Claudio did provide that response, and as you should have seen I
immediately corrected him:

"let's not say things like "please use Windows" nor any other OS.
Saying that "I've tested on [this OS] and it worked and it was pretty
easy" is OK, but saying "please use [this OS]" doesn't reflect our
project's intent to support multiple OSes."

Now you bring this up on this mailing list as if that correction was
never made.

> and to stop looking for bugs.

No one ever said that, as far as I can see.  On the contrary, Claudio
said that "We assume you are genuinely thinking you are reporting a real
bug to help the project."  This would have been appropriate use of
GitHub issues then.  However, you did not in fact report a bug in JtR,
and that's not what our use of GitHub issues is for - hence, your issue
got closed.  Your GPU not being found is an issue with your GPU driver
setup, and not with JtR.

> Same exact problem in Windows too.

You posted so much content to that GitHub issue that it's unclear to me
what problem you think you reported.  You'd need to be specific.

> I guess if you pretend the problem isn't there and don't look at it then it's ok, so stop looking for bugs use Windows it's your fault.I reality your not alone I had the same problem, solution there is none they don't care,

I'm sorry you found our response unsatisfactory, but frankly there was
little we could do with a problem report as non-specific as yours.

> or do what I did move to social engineering, you can get a hundred times the work done in the time it takes John to get one password.

Sure there are other approaches.

On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 8:07 PM Ricardo CYRYLZ MIESZKO <> wrote:
> When I use john with wordlist and --format=dmg-opencl or
> --format=7z-opencl it can't find the password. If I use without the opencl
> it finds.

I'll reply to Ricardo separately, and it's a pity that we now have these
unrelated stories mixed up in the same thread.

Please do not hijack existing threads like that.


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