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Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2019 20:12:45 +0300
From: Aleksey Cherepanov <>
Subject: Re: approaches to use old password as baseword for new hash matching by username/login (as in CMIYC 2019)

Aleksey Cherepanov <> writes:
>         - 'PristineGecos = Y' turns on JumboSingleWords. So additional
>           'JumboSingleWords = N' is needed then.

It is incorrect. The effect is caused by wrong way to override option.

>       - 'SingleWordsPairMax = 0' turns on JumboSingleWords. So
>         additional 'JumboSingleWords = N' is needed then.

The same problem here.

> $ cat t.conf
> .include <john.conf>
> [Options]
> SingleWordsPairMax = 0

That's an incorrect way to override options in [Options] section. This
way the whole section is replaced wiping out 'JumboSingleWords = N' that
has default value 'Y' internally.

The correct way is to use [Local:Options].

So the config file should be like the following:
.include <john.conf>
SingleWordsPairMax = 0

>From doc/CONFIG:
The file john.conf is a file that is 'owned' by JtR.  In other words,
when you make local edits to this file, it is assured that these
changes will be lost (overwritten) when you update JtR out of the
version control system.  However, there is a file, which is NOT owned
by JtR, but which john.conf will include at the very bottom. This file
is john-local.conf.  It is highly recommended that a user make edits to
this local file, as much as possible, leaving the original john.conf
file intact.  There is also a special naming convention added to the
latest JtR bleeding code, where these local edits can modify an
existing non "List." section within john.conf.  The naming convention
is [Local:original_section:name]  So to modify existing params in the
[Options] section of john.conf, you can add a [Local:Options] to the
john-local.conf and any param found in there will update the param
within john.conf's [Options] section.

For instance, if you wanted to NOT run in idle mode, and always want
to have dynamic hashes load raw hash lines, you can put this into
john-local.conf, instead of editing john.conf:

DynamicAlwaysUseBareHashes = Y
Idle = N


Aleksey Cherepanov

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