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Date: Sun, 27 May 2018 01:28:13 +0100
From: Eric Watson <>
Subject: Re: john --make-charset=custom.chr: Can't get the hang
 of using it. :-(

I am struggling with making a suitable mask having tried numerous attempts.

I am trying to achieve:

./john --mask'[*!][Ff]irrstword followed by a known number such as 11334 
but could also be 43311 followed by [*!][Ss]econdword followed by 11334 
or 43311' passwd

The number digits would not change and would always be in the same order 
following the first and second word so could be treated as a "word".

The firstwordnumber and secondwordnumber could also be reversed ie.

./john --mask'[*!][Ss]econdword followed by 11334 or 43311 
[*!][Ff]irrstword followed by 11334 or 43311' passwd

I assume this would need two passes, one for each combination?

Can you assist please?


On 23/05/18 16:03, Solar Designer wrote:
> On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 03:48:19PM +0100, Eric Watson wrote:
>> I read somewhere in the john documents that there was a manual in
>> another group such as raspberry Pi but the advice was not to read it but
>> to use the documents instead. If you wish I will post the location
>> if/when I come across it again.
> Oh, you probably mean my own recent comments about the Debian man page.
> Yes, I recommend reading our documentation under doc/ instead of that
> unofficial man page.
>> May I continue with this query?
> Sure.
>> The password in question contains one or two numerical strings of known
>> length and known numerals. It also contains words of known length and
>> characters. It also contains two *, ! characters.
>> The words may be capitalised and in any position as the numerical
>> strings could also be.
> If you can arrive at a reasonably small number of different masks that
> represent your possible passwords, then I recommend that you use mask
> mode (run it multiple times with the different masks).  For example:
> ./john --mask='[Ff]irstword197[0-4][Ss]econdword123[*!][*!]' passwd
> and so on for other word orderings, etc.
>> I tried the method, (actually just before receiving you reply):
>> echo :AbCdEf > john.pot
>> ./john --make-charset=custom.chr
>> It resulted in the numbers being treated individually which made me ask
>> about a 'group' set.
> You may also try training incremental mode on multiple samples similar
> to your password - not on mere lists of characters.
> Alexander

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