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Date: Sun, 20 May 2018 13:16:37 +0200
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: Unable to crack the password of a test rar file.


Somehow each time you post, you start a new thread.  When you reply,
please use your e-mail program's "reply" feature on a posting that
arrived to you through the list, so that the headers are properly set.

On Sun, May 20, 2018 at 12:28:29AM +0100, Eric Watson wrote:
> I removed the "#if ARCH_ALLOWS_UNALIGNED" and "#endif    /* 
> ARCH_ALLOWS_UNALIGNED */" but this created error in the ./configure:
> rar_fmt_plug.c:437:2: error: #else without #if
>  #else
>   ^~~~
> configure: creating ./fmt_registers.h
> rar_fmt_plug.c:437:2: error: #else without #if
>  #else
>   ^~~~

Oh, right, I missed that.  Here's a much simpler change, which works:

In rar_fmt_plug.c change line 46 (in current bleeding-jumbo) from:



#if 1

That's all - no other changes needed.

> I removed the following as suggested by a friend:

Removing the #else and some lines following it looks reasonable to me as
well, but it's more work than the above.  However, removing this line
was wrong and may break other things:

> #include "arch.h"

Anyway, please revert all changes and try changing just the #if line as
I suggested above.

> However the hash file did not load:
> pi@...pberrypi:/var/share/temp/JohnTheRipper-bleeding-jumbo/run $ ./john 
> test_pswd.txt
> Using default input encoding: UTF-8
> No password hashes loaded (see FAQ)
> pi@...pberrypi:/var/share/temp/JohnTheRipper-bleeding-jumbo/run $
> It looks as if JtR cannot be used on the Pi.

People are using JtR on various Raspberry Pi's.  It's just the RAR
support (and maybe a few other things) that is currently excluded from
such builds.  But please don't give up on it just yet - give the above
change a try, and let's see what happens.


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