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Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 22:32:56 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES error with --format=dmg-opencl

On 2017-05-10 22:03, B B wrote:
>> Does the CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES happen almost immediately, or after a while?
>> Please post your output from this:
>> ./john -test —format=dmg-opencl -v=5
>> and in case the test fails, post output from this as well:
>> ./john -dev=0 -list=opencl-devices
>> magnum
> The test succeeds. The CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES error happens after a while, always.
> Output for: ./john -test --format=dmg-opencl -v=5
> Will run 8 OpenMP threads
> Device 0: GeForce GTX 760
> Benchmarking: dmg-opencl, Apple DMG [PBKDF2-SHA1 OpenCL 3DES/AES]... (8xOMP) Loaded 7 hashes with 7 different salts to
> test db from test vectors
> Options used: -I /home/user/JtR/JohnTheRipper-bleeding-jumbo/run/kernels -cl-mad-enable -DSM_MAJOR=3 -DSM_MINOR=0
> -DKEYLEN=64 -DSALTLEN=64 -DOUTLEN=32 $JOHN/kernels/
> Calculating best GWS for LWS=32; max. 200ms single kernel invocation.
> Raw speed figures including buffer transfers:
> (...)
> Calculating best GWS for LWS=1024; max. 200ms single kernel invocation.
> Raw speed figures including buffer transfers:
> xfer: 104.448us, crypt: 64.064ms, xfer: 51.168us
> gws:      9216   143505c/s      143505 rounds/s  64.220ms per crypt_all()!
> xfer: 201.376us, crypt: 96.084ms, xfer: 95.456us
> gws:     18432   191241c/s      191241 rounds/s  96.380ms per crypt_all()+
> xfer: 591.808us, crypt: 192.079ms, xfer: 205.504us
> gws:     36864   191127c/s      191127 rounds/s 192.876ms per crypt_all()
> xfer: 1.197ms, crypt: 384.339ms (exceeds 200ms)
> Local worksize (LWS) 1024, global worksize (GWS) 18432
> Speed for cost 1 (iteration count) of 1000
> Raw:    53816 c/s real, 9068 c/s virtual
> It looks like it is working at least in part to me, hopefully you can determine the issue.

A part of the problem is likely that your hash has a lot higher number 
of iterations than what is auto-tuned for and you get bitten by the 
kernel duration watchdog. We should definitely auto-tune for actual 
loaded hashes, not test vectors - but that's not implemented yet for 
this format.

Try running for a while with really low GWS just to see if it evades the 

GWS=1024 ./john —inc=custom —format=dmg-opencl hashfile 

If 1024 doesn't work, halve it until it does.
If 1024 works fine, try doubling it until best speed with no error (or 
until no speedup from doubling). Note that it's fine to stop a session 
with some GWS and resume it with some other, ie.

GWS=64 ./john —inc=custom —format=dmg-opencl hashfile 
<job stopped>
GWS=128 ./john -restore


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