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Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 13:03:06 -0700
From: B B <>
 magnum <>
Subject: Re: CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES error with --format=dmg-opencl

> Does the CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES happen almost immediately, or after a while?
> Please post your output from this:
> ./john -test —format=dmg-opencl -v=5
> and in case the test fails, post output from this as well:
> ./john -dev=0 -list=opencl-devices
> magnum
The test succeeds. The CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES error happens after a while, always.

Output for: ./john -test --format=dmg-opencl -v=5

Will run 8 OpenMP threads
Device 0: GeForce GTX 760
Benchmarking: dmg-opencl, Apple DMG [PBKDF2-SHA1 OpenCL 3DES/AES]... (8xOMP) Loaded 7 hashes with 7 different salts to 
test db from test vectors
Options used: -I /home/user/JtR/JohnTheRipper-bleeding-jumbo/run/kernels -cl-mad-enable -DSM_MAJOR=3 -DSM_MINOR=0 
Calculating best GWS for LWS=32; max. 200ms single kernel invocation.
Raw speed figures including buffer transfers:
xfer: 2.560us, crypt: 25.415ms, xfer: 3.008us
gws:       256    10070c/s       10070 rounds/s  25.421ms per crypt_all()!
xfer: 4.480us, crypt: 24.186ms, xfer: 4.192us
gws:       512    21161c/s       21161 rounds/s  24.194ms per crypt_all()!
xfer: 12.896us, crypt: 24.523ms, xfer: 7.200us
gws:      1024    41721c/s       41721 rounds/s  24.543ms per crypt_all()+
xfer: 30.656us, crypt: 25.477ms, xfer: 14.080us
gws:      2048    80243c/s       80243 rounds/s  25.522ms per crypt_all()+
xfer: 45.728us, crypt: 49.791ms, xfer: 23.040us
gws:      4096    82148c/s       82148 rounds/s  49.860ms per crypt_all()+
xfer: 89.952us, crypt: 72.473ms, xfer: 51.136us
gws:      8192   112814c/s      112814 rounds/s  72.614ms per crypt_all()+
xfer: 179.712us, crypt: 140.702ms, xfer: 88.320us
gws:     16384   116223c/s      116223 rounds/s 140.970ms per crypt_all()+
xfer: 552.768us, crypt: 259.158ms (exceeds 200ms)
Calculating best LWS for GWS=16384
Testing LWS=32 GWS=16384 ... 142.147ms+
Testing LWS=64 GWS=16384 ... 98.575ms+
Testing LWS=128 GWS=16384 ... 98.243ms+
Testing LWS=256 GWS=16384 ... 99.365ms
Testing LWS=512 GWS=16384 ... 96.931ms+
Testing LWS=1024 GWS=16384 ... 96.135ms+
Calculating best GWS for LWS=1024; max. 200ms single kernel invocation.
Raw speed figures including buffer transfers:
xfer: 104.448us, crypt: 64.064ms, xfer: 51.168us
gws:      9216   143505c/s      143505 rounds/s  64.220ms per crypt_all()!
xfer: 201.376us, crypt: 96.084ms, xfer: 95.456us
gws:     18432   191241c/s      191241 rounds/s  96.380ms per crypt_all()+
xfer: 591.808us, crypt: 192.079ms, xfer: 205.504us
gws:     36864   191127c/s      191127 rounds/s 192.876ms per crypt_all()
xfer: 1.197ms, crypt: 384.339ms (exceeds 200ms)
Local worksize (LWS) 1024, global worksize (GWS) 18432
Speed for cost 1 (iteration count) of 1000
Raw:    53816 c/s real, 9068 c/s virtual

It looks like it is working at least in part to me, hopefully you can determine the issue.

Thanks again,

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