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Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2016 19:46:32 -0400
From: Rich Rumble <>
Subject: best way to attack bcrypt, for me

I am aware of the great work Openwall has done with FPGA's and other
form factors when it comes to bcrypt (I've watched the video, seen the
slides). Let's say I'm an average user of computers, no programming
skills, I can run ./configure && make clean && make, 90% of the time
it will work :)

I want to get as many Bcrypts as possible in the shortest amount of
time (naturally) but I might not be able to setup and use a Zynq. If
you take "ease of use" into consideration, which platform offers the
best result for the money.
I might be able to do 20k c/s with a Zynq 7045, but will "I" be able
to set that up?

I'm budgeting $2,000 (ish). That is 2 maybe 3 good GPU's, or one Zynq
board, I could buy 2-3 Phi units, a handful of others as well.

2k + ease of use (aka stupid user) = ....?

I've not used a MIC or FPGA, or GPU for that matter :)
Again it's not necessarily efficiency I'm after, it doesn't have to be
the best setup for the $$, I might technically get more with a Zynq
for instance, but if a Haswell if two i7's will do a decent job and be
easier to use, I'd probably go with i7 (for example :)

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