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Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 13:48:10 -0500
From: japhar81 <>
Subject: Re: Cracking luks volume

Luks uses PBKDF2 which makes it very slow to crack.. That said, you can try
1. run luks2john <file/disk> > luksdump to generate the file
2. create a john.pot that has your possible combinations, like this:
Note the : is important
3. Generate a chr file from that via: john --make-charset=custom.chr
4. Add a new mode in john.conf;
File = $JOHN/custom.chr
MinLen = 27
MaxLen = 30
5. Run it with john --incremental=Custom luksdump

Again, this will probably take an absurdly long time unless you have a LOT
of horsepower behind it, and even then, not sure you'll get it.
I've been toying with a 340-core amazon cluster lately to crack a rar file
of mine, if you'd like me to take a swipe at yours, I can try throwing a
few hours of cluster time at it, just ping me off-list.

On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 11:34 AM, Daniel Sorry <>

> Hello :)
> I was migrating my encrypted luks volume and decided to change password
> while I was at it...
> I'm sure I know the password but apparently I don't.
> I had this problem just after creating it, managed to get open it and was
> like ohh, was that combination and went to bed.
> Manually tried about 20 combinations but quickly realized I need it
> automated as I was writing combinations down by hand.
> Its a random 27-30 char password, no words, numbers, special chars etc.
> I'm a windows guy but managed to check that key 1 is enabled, so I only
> deleted the old key 0, should just be a matter of trying combinations based
> on what i know should be the password.
> Here's an example structure of how the password looks and various
> combinations it needs to try.
> I take an 8-9 char password like: F6TgW8D8 or F6TgW8D8!
> I thought i did it like: F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8!
> Or perhaps F6TgW8D8!F6TgW8D8#F6TgW8D8!#
> Or F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8#!
> Or f6TgW8D8!f6TgW8D8f6TgW8D8#!
> Maybe i was tired and entered a small char twice or something but it should
> only contain the chars I know it should have, i just cant for my life find
> the correct combination.
> What can be done here ?
> I'm i fucked ?
> I have no coding skills and limited scripting skills (Pretty much edit
> stuff)
> It's a persistent tails volume, if that matters. :)
> I'm pretty techincal on the windows side and I learn fast on linux!
> I dont mind paying/donate to get it open :)
> Thanks!

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