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Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 17:34:53 +0100
From: Daniel Sorry <>
Subject: Cracking luks volume

Hello :)

I was migrating my encrypted luks volume and decided to change password
while I was at it...
I'm sure I know the password but apparently I don't.
I had this problem just after creating it, managed to get open it and was
like ohh, was that combination and went to bed.

Manually tried about 20 combinations but quickly realized I need it
automated as I was writing combinations down by hand.

Its a random 27-30 char password, no words, numbers, special chars etc.

I'm a windows guy but managed to check that key 1 is enabled, so I only
deleted the old key 0, should just be a matter of trying combinations based
on what i know should be the password.

Here's an example structure of how the password looks and various
combinations it needs to try.

I take an 8-9 char password like: F6TgW8D8 or F6TgW8D8!
I thought i did it like: F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8!
Or perhaps F6TgW8D8!F6TgW8D8#F6TgW8D8!#
Or F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8#!
Or f6TgW8D8!f6TgW8D8f6TgW8D8#!

Maybe i was tired and entered a small char twice or something but it should
only contain the chars I know it should have, i just cant for my life find
the correct combination.

What can be done here ?
I'm i fucked ?

I have no coding skills and limited scripting skills (Pretty much edit

It's a persistent tails volume, if that matters. :)

I'm pretty techincal on the windows side and I learn fast on linux!
I dont mind paying/donate to get it open :)


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