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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 21:07:33 +0300
From: Shinnok <>
Subject: Re: [john-dev] [RFC] Johnny upcoming release !

Hi to all,

We're working hard and getting close to the 2.0 release of Johnny. However we need at least *some* input on the following topic:

> On Jun 4, 2015, at 8:57 PM, Shinnok <> wrote:
>> On which platform are you guys using or will you guys use Johnny the most ? Would having a proper installer help you ? Should we bundle JtR with Johnny to make it easier for you ?
> Important clarification, for 1. we'll provide detailed and clear instructions for building on most major desktop platforms, however, for no.2, unless we're going to get explicit x no. of requests for certain platforms now or later along the road, the starting list of platforms which will get an installer are:
> 1. Windows, .msi along with latest JtR jumbo build for Windows available;
> 2. OS X, dmg, might include JtR too if feasible or we'll leave that to the likes of Homebrew;

Regarding the bundling of JtR with Johnny, for Windows and OS X, is this of enough value to justify the effort and the potential support confusion/hassle following? My main concerns are:
1. It doesn't make sense from Johnny's perspective to bundle anything but the latest bleeding jumbo;
2. The *official* JtR jumbo builds are old, so what we need to do is either build ourselves or use builds done by Rich or similar;
3. At least for OS X, there are alternative paths for easily installing JtR like Homebrew (admittedly jumbo version formula is stuck at jumbo-1, though some effort on our part to get it to the latest tag wouldn't hurt overall)
4. We could point people in the documentation and in Johnny to the available places for downloading their choosing of JtR flavoring;

Unless this discussion yields a different conclusion, bundling JtR with Johnny is not considered for this first release.


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