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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 20:42:56 -0800
From: Royce Williams <>
Subject: Re: Parallella benchmarks?

On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 9:14 AM, Katja Malvoni <> wrote:
> ᐧ
> On 19 September 2014 18:30, Royce Williams <> wrote:
> > Unless you have commit access to the Parallella tree above, I'll ask them
> > to consider saying that by modifying the top-level README.  The current one
> > states support for other hashes.
> >
> Hm... it says: "This release has supported added for the Parallella board,
> with implementation of bcrypt on the Epiphany accelerator and in the Zynq
> programmable logic." - I find it clear it supports only bcrypt.

Ah, I totally missed this - was focused on the first paragraph derived
directly from the main code, and didn't even notice the second

> However, you can always build john with make linux-arm32le-neon and use
> only ARM CPU (host) to crack other formats as well (I don't know if there
> are any benchmarks, but if you need numbers, I can run the benchmarks
> sometime next week). In this case, you wouldn't be using Epiphany nor Zynq
> FPGA. Maybe this is what you had in mind? (when you said support, I
> immediately considered using Epiphany and/or Zynq FPGA).

My real motivation was looking around for the best way to do descrypt
on readily available FPGAs with JtR.  Parallella would also be
attractive if the price/performance was on par with the
ztex-bruteforcer work (960Mh/s at 40W), or at least significantly
ahead of GPU.

In my ideal world, I'd like to chip in with others to sponsor JtR work
on what might be called descrypt-ztex or descrypt-parallella.  I'm
just a solo researcher on this one, but since there looks like a lot
of potential, I could chip in more than lunch money. :-)

The obvious problem is that most folks aren't super-interested in
descrypt.  It does seem to make a good first port to a new platform,
so it will almost certainly happen, but it's not likely to inspire a
Kickstarter, etc.


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