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Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 21:44:56 +0100
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: Re: How to use Wordlists with John The Ripper

On 01/12/2014 08:48 PM, C GPS wrote:
> One final question and thanks for all of your help thus far.  I've learned
> a lot with this thread.
> What disambiguated hash did you load? In other words I know one doesn't
> load the long form hash as I entered it above, and the disambiguations I've
> come up with seem to be incorrect. Can you tell me the short form you
> entered?

Your Pro version will not load this hash at all.
On he other hand, the latest development snapshot
will load the hash exactly in that long form you posted in your previous

But that means, you'll have to download and build the latest development
snapshot from the link Solar gave you, beacause support of that hash
type has only recently been added to the (upcoming) JtR-jumbo version:

This will provide a compressed tar archive from the latest available
development version.
Currently the file is named
magnumripper-JohnTheRipper-1.8.0-4923-g9aaa81d.tar.gz, but the g.......
part will change when someone changes the source code.
So, in case of problems, you might to remember and report that name.
Then we'll know exactly what version you downloaded.

After downloading, this file has to be extracted:

tar xvzf magnumripper-JohnTheRipper-1.8.0-4923-g*.tar.gz
(I used the * wildcard here, so that it will work for any filename
following that pattern.)

Then, cd into the new directory, and further down into the src directory:

cd magnumripper-JohnTheRipper-*/src


make macosx-x86-64-native


cd ../run


ls -l john

If building the latest development version worked, you'll see the new
john binary here.

If not, then may be there's something missing in your build environment.
Feel free to ask for help if anything goes wrong in the process.


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