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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 20:02:59 -0400
From: Rich Rumble <>
Subject: De-duping NT ruleset

I ran a small test on "NT" using a simple set of letters:

That produced 16448 cadidates, and half are repeats, it should be 8224
unique cadidates. I changed NT to be like this instead (below), and it only
produces 8224 like I believe it's supposed to. I'm do understand why, and
using all A's of different cases may be "tricking" it into producing those
dupes because those strings are in fact duplicates of each other, aaaa and
AAAA. I was able to reduce the duplicates to what I believe the proper
amount is by using the reject unless N characters long.
_1 T0Q
_2 T1QT[z0]
_3 T2QT[z0]T[z1]
_4 T3QT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]
_5 T4QT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]
_6 T5QT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]
_7 T6QT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]T[z5]
_8 T7QT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]T[z5]T[z6]
_9 T8QT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]T[z5]T[z6]T[z7]
_A T9QT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]T[z5]T[z6]T[z7]T[z8]
_B TAQT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]T[z5]T[z6]T[z7]T[z8]T[z9]
_C TBQT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]T[z5]T[z6]T[z7]T[z8]T[z9]T[zA]
_D TCQT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]T[z5]T[z6]T[z7]T[z8]T[z9]T[zA]T[zB]
_E TDQT[z0]T[z1]T[z2]T[z3]T[z4]T[z5]T[z6]T[z7]T[z8]T[z9]T[zA]T[zB]T[zC]

When I use loop or other wordlists I know they have duplicates that only
vary because of case, and so
passWORD and
PASSword using the rules above should only produce the 256 possible instead
of the 511 that NT does.

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