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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 02:10:53 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: Trying to understand output of john -status

Andrew -

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 08:06:04AM -0500, andrew wrote:
> Of coarse I would love to speed up the process on this computer but IM not 
> sure is possible???

Please do tell us the hash type you're cracking (the "Loaded ..." line,
verbatim), JtR version you're using, and the make target you built it with.
We can't answer your question above without that info.

> My goal is to get the passwords.

Why is that your goal?  Normally, JtR is used to detect weak passwords
only, not to crack all passwords.  The latter is usually non-practical.

If you need to re-gain access to a system for which you no longer recall
the password, it is usually most straightforward to reset the password.

> Now, having made corrections to my show command option, and displaying my 
> output of my commands, above properly do you believe that everything is 
> running right?

Yes, but you could probably run some additional attacks, besides letting
JtR continue with what it does by default.  For example, you could
download larger wordlists and use a larger ruleset.  You'll likely want
to answer the above questions before proceeding with that, though, as
your answers to them could affect what we'd recommend.

> Is it normal that it goes back and forth between, 6 characters and 7.


> >>P.S. Please consider posting to john-users via e-mail rather than via 
> >>Gmane.
> I'm not sure how to do this other than mailing lists?? But I find them 
> harder to manage, you have to subscribe and unsubscribe. You must get all 
> the commands right to do so, rather than just opening a news reader and its 
> there. Unless your talking about something else that I'M not getting? Why 
> is it that you do you not like gmane or the newsgroup method?

I understand that it's a matter of personal preference for you.  I do
not find mailing lists to be any more difficult to use than newsgroups
or web forums.  (Un)subscribing is as easy as entering your e-mail
address on a web page and "replying" to a confirmation request e-mail.

This mailing list is pre-moderated to ensure that only on-topic messages
get through.  With Gmane, this means that each and every message has to
be delayed and then approved by a moderator.  For subscribers, we're
able to have some messages bypass this moderation delay.  Then, if we
have to reject an off-topic or duplicate message posted via Gmane, the
Gmane web interface has the rejection message from the mailing list
manager program displayed as if it were a posting - this doesn't look
pretty and it partially defeats the purpose of rejecting the message.
(I do not anticipate the need to reject any of your messages, though.)


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