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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 17:03:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Brad Tilley" <>
Subject: Re: our own training pseudo contest before CMIYC 2012

Hello Frank,

> Also, IIRC, hashcat recently had a contest to find "best 64" rules.
> May be we can prepare something similar.
> Use the default password.lst, converted to lower case, removing any
> resulting duplicates, but adding "rockyou".
> Then, try to find which rules in which sequence would be the best to
> crack dummy hashes generated from the rockyou password list.

Since the contest passwords are usually contrived they don't crack like
real-world passwords do so effective real-world rules may not help that
much. You may consider using word_machine to do some historical analysis
of past cracked contest passwords to get an idea of how the organizers
used words and patterns in then. For example, here are the top 10 most
common raw words from the 2010 contest (based on 30,945 cracks):

wm --clean --words kl2010.txt | wm --frequent --words stdin > kl2010-freq.csv

word    count

vegas	673
lasvegas	484
defcon	422
july	285
facebook	272
korelogic	271
whitehat	246
monday	243
blackhat	240
august	183

And here are the top 10 CVNS patterns from that same year. Big 'C' is a
big consonant, little 'c' is a little one, etc:

wm --pattern-cv 10 --words kl2010.txt > kl2010-pat.csv

Pattern    Count

CcccNNNN	279
CvccvcNNNN	246
ccccNNNN	216
NNNNcccc	204
CvccNNNN	145
CcvcNNNN	128
cvccvc	121
CvccvcNN	101
CCcvcvcS	99

IMO, half of the battle to doing well during these contests is figuring
out what words and patterns the contest organizers used. If you figure out
more than the other teams do, you'll likely win, or come close I think.
And perhaps analyzing old cracked passwords from their previous contest
will shed some light on what they've done historically. Of course, there's
no guarantee this year will be the same, but you never know and in order
to be really effective, you'll need to do this sort of analysis during the
contest too and adjust your attack accordingly which will require hands-on
time and attention.

Hope this helps,


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