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Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 08:43:17 -0500
From: Richard Miles <>
Subject: Re: MPI / OpenMPI

Hi Solar Designer

> This discussion thread is/was about parallel processing.

Sorry about that.

>> Also, there is a way to see the current password tested as we see
>> pressing "enter"?
> No, this information is not stored in .rec files.
>> As john is being called by a shell script the enter doesn't work too.
> It would work if you let those john's run in the foreground (as long as
> you run just one at a time anyway), but apparently you background them
> (such as by ending the shell commands with "&")?

You are right, I call them with "&" on the end. What should be a
better solution in this case?

>> Also, I will update my script to execute 3 john instances per time
>> since I have 4 cores
> Why not run 4 instances then (or even 8 in case you also have 2 logical
> CPUs per core, which is common)?  If you're worried about impact on your
> computer's interactive response time, then the "Idle = Y" setting
> (default) should take care of that just fine.

I have a quad core computer, my understanding was that I had just 4
cores. For example, when I run pyrit it just detect 4 CPUs and 1 GPU.
But, I will try. There is a way to know in which processor a john
instance is running?

I will also check the "idle = Y", thanks for the heads-up.

> Be sure to use separate --session names for the 4 instances.

I will.

>> and make sure to send killall -HUP john I load 3 new...
> Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here.  The HUP is only needed
> right before you query the --status.

Make sense. BTW, I found a nice page, it for sure is not helpful for
you, but was helpful for me and I guess may be helpful for others so
I'm sharing here. It describe the format of hash files that JtR
accepts per format.

BTW I have to update, they have tons of hashes that my version doesn't
support. For example, what is a ssh hash?

Talking again about GPU maybe you should consider NTLMv2 hashes, they
are a bit hard to crack, in special because of Windows password
complexity. I know you guys do a great job and has a lot of things to
do, so it's just a suggestion since I guess it's very common and may
benefict many users in real life.


> Alexander

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