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Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 15:38:17 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: More Length in Jumbo 5 on Mac

On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 07:51:12PM +0000, Donovan wrote:
> I stay an bit confuse about the fact to push up the ability of John to crack
> some hashes uper than 8, ( can be 10, Or 13..or maybe 15 length)
> If i refer to this thread =

For incremental mode and versions of JtR currently released, you can
only go up to length 9 without having to limit the character set.  For
length 10, you have to use a range of up to 84 ASCII codes.  For length
13, you can do 26 ASCII codes (such as either lowercase or uppercase

> My question is ; what to do & modify to make this tweak on all the mode's =
> Alpha, Alnum, Lanman (uper_case), Digits, etc..

If you need to go beyond length 9 with incremental mode, you'll have to
use separate builds of JtR for this, with settings as shown in the
posting you referenced above.

BTW, your reference to LanMan doesn't make sense here, because this hash
type is limited to length 7 anyway (for the halves).

> Cause here only Lowercase, Or UperCase, Or Digits, seem to be affected by this
> modification, so what'ts about the other one's ? & how to make this modification
> working to all_in_One thweak ?

That's impossible without code changes.

> The plan is to allow John to have the ability in "incremental mode" for sure, to
> crack ;
> Alhpa
> Lanman
> Alnum
> Digits
> In Max 15 Length char's

This will be possible in future versions of JtR, and we've tried it out
in the contest, but you can't do it with the released code.


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