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Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 11:49:52 +0300
From: Martin T <>
Subject: Re: irc channel for Openwall

totally support this idea! An official channel on a would be great.


2011/4/10 Shinnok <>:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hi,
> I have been looking for an official irc channel for Openwall where
> people can ask questions or just idle around on issues pertaining to
> JtR, Owl, oss-security and everything Openwall in general. Is there an
> #openwall  channel somewhere or for individual projects like #owl? I
> have been scouring and freenode but I couldn't find
> something official. There is #oss-security on freenode but I'm not sure
> about it's official status?
> I find having an interactive communication channel pretty important on
> projects of these size and complexity(thinking Owl and JtR somewhat).
> Most of the other security open source projects have some kind of
> presence on irc, #bactrack-linux  for Backtrack, #nmap for Nmap or
> #metasploit for Metasploit, all on freenode, just to name a few.
> A good place for such a channel would be freenode of course and I'm the
> first offering to idle on it and answer questions that I can or ask
> questions of my own.
> Apologies for sending this e-mail to john-users, but there's no other
> more appropriate list other then owl-users. If Solar Designer thinks
> this question is appropriate for owl-users too, please forward this to
> that list too.
> I am also hoping that the people reading this list will reply to this
> e-mail if they welcome this idea and think such a support channel would
> be useful or the opposite.
> Thanks,
> Shinnok
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> Ta+nawPFhvikIeJrxCrw6oxVLNx1rX+ulRz1+HFjw5+ty/eJgrUkXfzOX4Kclem+
> iZD7OAc0j5pHyTu8EI3yUJgI2qw7biHZaq3Rcso56O3PgTlcYykz7VJDGnmLDwaa
> lu3Hx0PDl9kvfl++elLOWdx1cdWDwukccoJxZMt0TZ5N6oIRn4EGn8BsJeu/f+Vc
> 0ig1UyIwDgsfWqWARArRDqlILwo4sS/voCZcR0qrl63VK0WfbrO9M5QNA4eV9HQ=
> =0QMz

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