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Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 06:16:47 +0400
From: Aleksey Cherepanov <>
Subject: Interface for John

I am looking for creating a gui for John too.

I know C++ enough to write something but not good. I'll improve it in
the nearest future. I am more skilled with scripting languages including
Python, Ruby, Perl, Tcl, php, Lua, shell (exactly bash). I have
experience with WxWidgets and C++, and more experience with other
frameworks like WindowsForms in conjunction with IronPython, IronRuby,
C# or Boo (under Mono), Tk with Perl, Ruby or Tcl, Swing with JRuby and
Shoes with Ruby. Example of my code in tcl-tk is available at
. Comments has littly outdated formatting style. Now i write comments
much prettier. Also i participated in other opensource projects: i am
the second owner of jetdroid ( )
project and i posted some bugreports with a little patch into
android-vnc-viewer project.

I had tasks to build an application for a particular platform. With
wxwidgets i built an application for windows mobile. I had problems with
encodings of wxstrings. Then app was adopted to platform in non-portable
way. Encodings is a widely spreaded problem with gui frameworks. I also
noticed that problems with Tk on windows and Shoes on utf-8-aware
systems. When target platform did not have some libraries i used static
compilation to get application work. That was used with wxwidgets on
windows mobile and with small native app for android where libc was
built into app. Also with wxwidgets i encountered that some widgets have
very different set of really working minor features on different
platforms. Hence if one uses features rarely used and rely on code
tested only on one platform then on other platform app may behave
surprisingly strange.

I suppose to fastly write easily editable gui in wxpython as wrapper for
JtR, polish it and then rewrite in the c++ language integrating with
JtR. Polishing may include triing different ways of gui construction and
different widgets in use, improving usability by correct grouping of
settings, adding built-in help, extending gui with exciting
features. Simpliest integration as i think should look like movement
main function into library as is with only renaming and addition of
small real main function that just passes its argument to old main
function from the library. And gui will call it like that. It will
provide an ability to pass any arguments to John without a need to think
about windows specific quoting on windows (exec family works through a
CreateProcess function, hence building single string from arguments and
then split it back, it works improperly with quotes inside args on
windows xp, i do not know about new windows' versions). Possibly it will
be needed to make some tricks with input/output to interact with such
full John in a way we interact with it as with a regular child process.
Lately more tight integration should be done but for start it seems to
be good.

Also it is possible that for user looking for a attractive ui it will be
comfortable to have additional features like editing rules in that
interface rather then in a separate editor. I do not know John enough
well to imagine all advanced features like this. One another thing is to
provide a field in that user could see (and copy from) command line
string that John will be called with (or like it will be called
with). It is something like --libcurl option for curl that dumps a C
program stub for particular command line but that dumps command line
string for particular settings configured through gui.

I am going to write a very simple gui for John in wxpython soon.

I would like to hear some critics. What should i think about? What will
be good to learn?

Aleksey Cherepanov

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