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Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2011 10:28:47 +0100
From: bartavelle <>
Subject: Re: Automatic Rule Generation (was GSoC 2011)

On 28/02/2011 23:05, Matt Weir wrote:
> That's why I eventually moved to using probabilistic context free
> grammars to model user behavior and generate my rules.

I know of your approach and find it highly interesting, and I believe it
would probably have all advantages of the current markov generator
(given that the viterbi algorithm seems to be applicable) while being a
lot more targeted, and effective. Also, implementations for rainbow
tables are to be considered. It might, as you mentionned, add much
overhead, but I would not be too concerned about this.

There are however two glaring issues with it :
* no reliable/fast code in a major cracking tool exists
* it will probably be horrible on GPUs

That's why I went with this approach of working with only known tools
mutation techniques : JtR is reliable and oclHashcat is really effective
on GPUs.

> I haven't done that yet. In all honesty I should probably revisit that
> and directly integrate the guess generator into JtR, but that's low on
> my to-do list, (watching season 1 of Heros is much higher).

I believe it would be much more profitable to work on your code. This
show is horrible !

> All in all, the whole project is still in the proof of concept stage,
> (despite me working on it over a number of years), and there's a
> million problems with it, which is why I'm so interested in your ideas
> and results Bartavelle ;)

This is another thing that makes my approach somehow viable for someone
not keen on long term support : if it even outputs a not too bad ruleset
at one point, it will be possible to use it in reliable tools, even if
the original code rots :)

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