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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 23:32:24 -0400
From: "Matt Weir" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re-ordered 'Single Mode' Ruleset

  I re-ordered the rules in the single mode rule-set for use in a normal
dictionary based attack. The modified rule-set is available at the end of
this e-mail. You can find out more about my methodology + results at the
following link:

In all honesty though, what I really found out was that the original
rule-set was pretty darn good so kudos to Solar.

I maybe should fork the following question into a different e-mail, but here
it goes anyway. Should we create a separate page on the Wiki that only holds
user created rulesets? Right now all of them are tucked away under "Advanced
Usage Examples and Compile Time Hacks". A new page might make them easier to
find and encourage people to submit their own rules. We could then have a
subpage for rule questions, (where we could link to a lot of the excellent
rule posts that have been going on lately). Once I get an answer to that
I'll upload the rules to the wiki, and if it's ok, start creating those

Matt Weir

>6 '6
-c (?a c Q
<* d
-c u Q
>5 '5
<* l $[1-9!0a-rt-z"-/:-@\[-`{-~]
>7 '7 l
-[:c] <* !?A \p1[lc] p
>[2-8] x1\1
-c l Q
-c )?a r l
<- l Az"[190][0-9]"
-c >6 '6 /?u l
>[3-9] x2\p[2-8]
<- l Az"[782][0-9]"
l ^[1a-z2-90]
>[4-9] x3\p[2-7]
<- l Az"[63-5][0-9]"
!?A >[1-6] l i\0[a-z]
-c <* (?a c $[1-9!0a-rt-z"-/:-@\[-`{-~]
-[:c] l /[aelos] s\0\p[4310$] (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
>[2-8] D\p[1-7]
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"123" <+
-c <* /?a u $[1-9!]
!?A >[1-7] l o\0[a-z]
<* d M 'l f Q
l Az"19[7-9][0-9]" <+
l Az"[1-90][0-9][0-9]" <+
!?A l o0[a-z]
l Az"20[01][0-9]" <+
<[\-9] l A\p[z0]"[a-z][a-z]"
>4 '4 l
-c <- (?a c Az"[190][0-9]"
-c u Q r
-c >5 '5 /?u l
-[:c] <* !?A (?\p1[za] \p1[lc] $s M 'l p Q X0z0 'l $s
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"[1-9]\0\0" <+
-c >[4-9] x3\p[2-7] /?u l
-c <* c Q d
<* l r $[1-9!]
-[:c] <9 (?a \p1[lc] A0"[tT]he"
<* l [PI]
>9 \[
r c
-c <* (?a d c
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] [{}] \0
-c <- (?a c Az"[782][0-9]"
-c >[2-8] x1\1 /?u l
-c /?u >[2-8] D\p[1-7] l
l Az"19[6-0][9-0]" <+
>[8-9A-E] D\1
-[:c] <* (?\p1[za] \p1[lc] )y omi $e
-c <+ )?l l Tm
-c <+ (?l c r
-c >[3-9] x2\p[2-8] /?u l
-[:c] <- (?\p1[za] \p1[lc] Az"!!"
<- l ^[1!@...^&*\-=_+.?|:'"] $\1
-[:c] l /e /[los] se3 s\0\p[10$] (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-[:c] <9 (?a \p1[lc] A0"[mdMD]r"
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] [{}]
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"007" <+
<- l ^[a-z] $[a-z]
-c <- (?a c Az"[63-5][0-9]"
l ^["-/:-@\[-`{-~]
-[:c] l /a /[elos] sa4 s\0\p[310$] (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-[:c] <9 (?a \p1[lc] A0"[aA]my"
:[RL] Q
-c (?a >[1-9A-E] D\1 c
-[:c] (?\p1[za] \p1[lc] $! <- Az"!!"
-[:c] l /l /[os] sl1 s\0\p[0$] (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-c >2 <G %2?a [lu] T0 M T2 T4 T6 T8 TA TC TE Q M l Tm Q X0z0 'l
-c >7 '7 /?u
-[:c] <9 (?a \p1[lc] A0"[mdMD]r."
<- !?A l p ^[240-9]
-[:c] <* (?\p1[za] \p1[lc] )e \] )i val1 oay
-c <* (?a c $[A-Z]
-c (?a c Az"[1-90][0-9][0-9]" <+
-[:c] /?v @?v >2 (?\p1[za] \p1[lc]
<- l ^[({[<] $\p[)}\]>]
-[:c] >3 (?a \p1[lc] i[12].
<* l $[A-Z]
:[RL] \0 Q
/?v @?v >2 <* d
-[:c] l /e /l /[os] se3 sl1 s\0\p[0$] (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
%2?a C Q
-c T[1-9A-E] Q M l Tm Q C Q u Q l Q c Q X0z0 'l
>3 '3
-c /?u >[8-9A-E] D\1 l
-[:c] l /a /e /[los] sa4 se3 s\0\p[10$] (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
=1?a \[ M c Q
-c >9 \[ /?u l
-c l Q ^[A-Z]
-[:c] <- (?\p1[za] \p1[lc] Az"'s"
-c T4 Q M T[z0] T[z1] T[z2] T[z3] Q
-c T5 Q M T[z0] T[z1] T[z2] T[z3] T[z4] Q
-c T3 Q M T[z0] T[z1] T[z2] Q
-c T1 Q M T0 Q
-[:c] l /o /s so0 ss$ (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-c T6 Q M T[z0] T[z1] T[z2] T[z3] T[z4] T[z5] Q
-c T2 Q M T[z0] T[z1] Q
/?A S Q
-c <* l [PI] (?a c
-c T7 Q M T[z0] T[z1] T[z2] T[z3] T[z4] T[z5] T[z6] Q
-c T0 Q M c Q l Q u Q C Q X0z0 'l
-c /?v V Q
l Q [RL]
-[:c] l /a /l /[os] sa4 sl1 s\0\p[0$] (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-[:c] l /a /e /l /[os] sa4 se3 sl1 s\0\p[0$] (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-c >2 /?l /?u t Q M c Q C Q l Tm Q X0z0 'l
-c u /I sIi
-c (?a c Q [RL]
-c >3 '3 /?ul
-c <* l Q d M 'l f Q
-c >4 '4 /?u
-c l Q T[1-9A-E] Q M T\0 Q l Tm Q C Q u Q X0z0 'l
-[:c] <* /?A (?\p1[za] \p1[lc] $s
-[:c] l /a /o /s sa4 so0 ss$ (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-[:c] l /[el] /o /s s\0\p[31] so0 ss$ (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-[:c] l /a /[el] /o /s sa4 s\0\p[31] so0 ss$ (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-[:c] l /e /l /o /s se3 sl1 so0 ss$ (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-[:c] l /a /e /l /o /s sa4 se3 sl1 so0 ss$ (?\p1[za] \p1[:c]
-[:c] <9 (?a \p1[lc] A0"__"
-c <+ )?u l Tm

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