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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 17:30:18 -0500
From: Minga Minga <>
Subject: Small display bug.. anyone else having this problem?

This isn't mission critical or anything... just an annoying output/display bug.
It occurs when my wordlist file is quite large - and my rule is poorly
written ;)

But image the "rule":


Now, don't worry about the logic of the rule, that's not the point.

The 'bug' is - if you send it a wordlist of 6 letter words - obviously
it will spin and spin and spin through your wordlist trying to find
a non-existent 8 letter word. This is _still_ not the bug.
(that part is a feature)

The problem I am having, is if you hit CNTL-C (twice) during this
process of "spinning" my terminal get messed up - every time
I hit 'enter' it doesn't go to the next line. I also cant see what I
am typing any more.

The first time I hit CNTL-C (during one of these rules), I
get a simple "Wait..." I 'straced' the process and it appears
that the file is still being read into memory. (Its a large file).
CPU is pegged at 100% after the initial CNTL-C (and WAIT...)
is done.

Its not until I hit CNTL-C a 2nd time - that I get
"Session aborted" and the "Wait..." disappears.
At this point, my TERM gets all screwed up, and what
ever I type is no longer viewable by myself.


Cntl-J -  "reset" -   CNTL-J is the how I fix my term after this

Anyone else run into this ?

Any ideas why? I know I've had some TERM problems before,
so this might be a weird issue that only affects me. But its
definitely reproducible with a LARGE dictionary file.


Another minor annoyance - is that during this "spinning" process
created by non-standard rules -- if you hit ENTER to get a status
up date (with ETA , etc) - it doesn't appear. I don't NEED it,
I just like to see it and miss it when it doesn't work.

This is all on Linux version 1.7.5-jumbo-1.

ALSO: If I run the john command followed by " | strings "
my term does not get messed up.

I assume the "problem" (if there is one) is in signals.c

I think I ruled out   int write_loop(int fd, char *buffer, int count)
in misc.c.

Any Ideas?


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