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Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 23:16:22 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: More problems with rules and Charset for french language

On Sun, Jul 30, 2006 at 05:22:27PM -0000, madfran wrote:
> I am trying to guest the second half of a LM hash.
> The password contains french characters.
> I know some characters. For example,
> First character   : S
> Second character  : T
> Third character   : R
> Forth character   : unknow
> Fifth character   : unknow
> Sixth character   : O
> Seventh character : R

The following external mode will do this for you:

void init()
	word[0] = 'S';
	word[1] = 'T';
	word[2] = 'R';
	word[3] = 0x20;
	word[4] = 0x20 - 1;
	word[5] = 'O';
	word[6] = 'R';
	word[7] = 0;

void generate()
	int i;

	i = 4;				// Start from the last unknown character
	while (++word[i] > 0xff)	// Try to increase it
	if (i > 3)			// Overflow here, any more positions?
		word[i--] = 0x20;	// Yes, move to the left, and repeat
	else {				// No
		word = 0; return;	// We're done

Now, let me comment on your attempts at this:

> [Incremental:french]
> File = french.chr
> MaxLen = 7

This is probably wrong, for several reasons:

1. You're not making use of the above definition when you invoke John
like this:

> C:\john\john-test-03>john --external=french hash-pims.txt

Here, you're only telling John to use the external mode named "french",
not the "incremental" mode of the same name.

Here's how to tell John to use both definitions at the same time:

	john --incremental=french --external=french hash-pims.txt

With the above command line, John will use the "incremental" mode to
generate candidate passwords, and the filter() function from the
external mode definition to filter some candidate passwords out or to
modify them.  The generate() function won't be used.

2. If you choose to use the "incremental" mode plus an external filter
to modify the generated candidate passwords adding the known prefix and
suffix strings, then you need to set "incremental" mode's MinLen and
MaxLen to the length of your unknown part of the password only.  That
is, in your case you would set:

	MinLen = 2
	MaxLen = 2

Yes, you could also run with "MaxLen = 7" and no external mode, but then
you're not making use of your knowledge about the password.

3. You did not mention how you generated the french.chr, so I am not
sure if it's correct.  You do remember that the default compile-time
configuration for John (in params.h) limits the "incremental" mode to
printable US-ASCII characters only, right?

4. Last but not least: in order to guess just two characters, you don't
need the full power of "incremental" mode.  A simple external mode that
I've provided an example of above will do.  So you do not need to modify
params.h, generate french.chr, define a new "incremental" mode, and
specify it on the command line.  You just invoke the external mode and
you should get your password cracked in under a second.

> [List.External:french]
> int length;
> void init()
> {
> 	word[0] = 0x20 - 1;		// Start with " "
> 	word[length = 1] = 0;
> }
> void filter()
> {
> 	word[6] = 'R';
> 	word[5] = 'O';
> 	word[4] = word[1];
> 	word[3] = word[0];
> 	word[2] = 'R';
> 	word[1] = 'T';
> 	word[0] = 'S';
> }
> void generate()

You appear to be trying to combine two different approaches here.  This
is wrong.  Either you have your external mode actually generate the
candidate passwords or you have it modify candidate passwords generated
by another cracking mode, not both.

Alexander Peslyak <solar at>
GPG key ID: B35D3598  fp: 6429 0D7E F130 C13E C929  6447 73C3 A290 B35D 3598 - bringing security into open computing environments

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