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Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 06:01:40 +0300
From: Shinnok <>
Subject: Re: Mathieu's weekly report #1

> On May 4, 2015, at 7:14 PM, Mathieu Laprise <> wrote:
> Weekly report #1 is for my work on Johnny for the week starting April 27th.
> Accomplishments:
> *I read documentation, set up JtR in Netbeans and understand more the code of JtR and johnny.

I wanted to share this in an earlier mention of yours regarding setting up JtR for dev but I forgot. Not sure if you're a Netbeans fan or not, but it might be more valuable for you to set up JtR for development in Qt Creator itself, since you're using it for Johnny anyway. I wrote a tutorial a (long) while ago describing how I use it for non-Qt projects:

> * I did task add -- fork support to Johnny. I encountered some issues.
> *1- When using --fork, I found out lock problems on files and children still running when johnny sent sigterm to john main process. I tested a lot with the "top" command and I found out that the bug was JtR only kills its children when ascii code 3 ( CTRL-c) or 'q'. is pushed on the keyboard, not with signals. 
> I reported it, fixed it, submitted to john-proper. Solar found a better way to fix the bug and it's now part of john-proper cvs repo.
> *2- We still had to support older versions(prior to the patch) of john, so I put a fix in johnny to support those.
> *I did task 1.4.3 Rename Output tab to Console log/journal and also print JtR cmds. I also made the console log clearer and fixed an old bug. Selecting text in console output will make new text appears there instead of at the end of the console log

Can you cherry-pick those out of the fork branch to a new branch? I'd like to keep these sub-tasks as independent as possible when it comes the time for you create the PRs.

> Priorities :
> For this week(starting on may 4th)
> One important thing this week would be to define most of the tasks more to make sure I'll implement the requirements that you guys want in the next weeks. It'll make me more autonomous if you guys take a vacation this summer, I'll be able to take on new tasks easily. Also, I'll focus more on those points this week:
> Make a decision with the list for openMP : Do you want the user to specify a different number of openmp threads or keep it simple for him(default, number of logical cores) ? 
I'll reply to the 1.4.2 task thread.
> Add tooltips to all UI actions that are not very self explanatory to a new comer. I'm not sure which one would benefits from having a tooltips yet
Let's delay this a bit longer.



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