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This web page provides some graphical elements you can use for your links to the Owl homepage (, although text links will be greatly appreciated as well.

Some microbuttons contributed by Gleb Todosov:
[ Powered by Openwall GNU/*/Linux ] 88x31 PNG, 1226 bytes
[ Openwall GNU/*/Linux ] 88x31 PNG, 515 bytes
[ Openwall GNU/*/Linux ] 88x31 PNG, 506 bytes
An Owl logo by Gleb Todosov:
[ Openwall GNU/*/Linux ] 75x75 PNG, 1916 bytes, white background
[ Openwall GNU/*/Linux ] 75x75 PNG, 2534 bytes, transparent (for use on a light background)
A brilliant button (for blogs, etc.) contributed by Aaron Pava:
[ OPENWALL ] 80x15 PNG, 343 bytes
Some more brilliant buttons, by Honza Vlach:
[ OPENWALL ] 80x15 PNG, 320 bytes
[ PWR OPENWALL ] 80x15 PNG, 305 bytes
[ PWR OPENWALL ] 80x15 PNG, 317 bytes
[ PWR OPENWALL ] 80x15 PNG, 315 bytes
[ OPENWALL GNU/*/LINUX ] 80x29 PNG, 442 bytes
[ OPENWALL SECURES IT ALL ] 80x29 PNG, 454 bytes
[ OPENWALL WOULD NEVER FALL ] 80x29 PNG, 452 bytes

Additional contributions are welcome at <artwork at>.

When creating graphics or placing text links, please note our official project name: it's "Openwall GNU/*/Linux". Only the "O" is capitalized in "Openwall", and it's "GNU/*/Linux", not just "Linux" or "GNU/Linux".

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