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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 10:01:19 -0600
From: Vincent Danen <>
Subject: Re: "going public"

* [2008-04-14 19:48:26 +0400] Solar Designer wrote:

Cherry picking some responses here.

>Let me use this opportunity to ask - does anyone (of the current list
>members) have any objections regarding me publicly mentioning their
>project or company (as derived from the domain name) as being
>"potentially represented" on this mailing list?  If so, please let me
>know (private e-mail works fine).
>Also, anyone (who's currently on the list) can feel free to let me know
>the specific project and company name(s) that they represent, along with
>authorization to mention those next time this is brought up on the list.

I have no problem noting that Mandriva is represented on this list.

>> 4. If the purpose is clear it needs some announcement (to the dedicated 
>>    folks) so that folks know about it and it soon drives itself.
>I agree.  Do you (or anyone) have suggestions on where to announce this
>list such that we attract the right folks?  Indeed, I do have some
>thoughts of my own, but I am sure that other list members can contribute
>theirs as well.

I think that a mention on the oss-security wiki may not be bad, in an
"extra links" section or something.  The people on the list could also
forward details internally.  For instance, I may be on here representing
Mandriva but I largely deal with security-related stuff, so it would
probably be in both the list's and Mandriva's interest to have one or
two of the actual developers on board.

>> 5. We should avoid a vendor-sec clone, otherwise the competition will
>>    destroy both lists.
>To me, xvendor is not even similar to vendor-sec in terms of appropriate
>topics - I see no intersection.  Indeed, many folks will be on both
>lists, as well as on oss-security, but that's just right.  It's the
>topics that will differ.

No, it sounds like there are a lot of lists now (vendor-sec,
oss-security, xvendor), but I don't think any of them are "clones" of
each other or in any way compete.

Vincent Danen @

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