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xvendor (cross-vendor) mailing list

Note: the xvendor mailing list is currently unused, in favor of the Distributions list. However, this web page and the rest of the "infrastructure" behind xvendor is kept around as a "hot spare".

Group purpose and charter

The purpose of the xvendor group is collaboration and information exchange between OS distribution vendors (mostly Linux) on non-security topics.

Basically, anything that would likely benefit other members of this group and that isn't security vulnerability information (a topic for oss-security) should be posted in here. Questions and requests for comment may also be posted.

Desirable topics include:

List content guidelines

These are in addition to the requirement to stay on topic:

List membership and moderation

Membership to this group is not formally restricted, but is targeted at Open Source projects, distributors, researchers, and developers. Anyone can send mail to the mailing list, regardless of membership status. Non-members may have their messages to the mailing list moderated to ensure that the discussions remain on topic and stay positive.

Anyone is welcome to subscribe to the mailing list by sending an empty message to <xvendor-subscribe at>. You will be required to confirm your subscription by replying to the automated confirmation request that will be sent to you. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time and we will not use your e-mail address for any other purposes or share it with a third party.

A read-only archive of the discussions contained on the list is available to the general public locally and via MARC.

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