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Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 09:13:10 +0300
From: Michael Tokarev <>
Subject: Re: OpenSSL soname

Solar Designer wrote:
[2 openssl soname naming schemes - vs]

> It doesn't appear that we can be binary-compatible with application
> software packages built for both Red Hat Linux and official OpenSSL.
> So we have to choose one of those (either make it *.4 or *.0.9.7).

The above does not seems to be true.  That is, it is very simple
to support both schemes, by providing both RH-style
and openssl-style libraries, where is
a symlink to, since both are really the same (not
just "compatbile", but exactly the same).  This looks a bit messy,
and may break if openssl folks descides to use redhat-style naming
scheme after 1.0 release (as their will definitely NOT
be compatible with redhat which correspond to 0.9.6.

Either way, the question remains open - someone (either redhat or
the rest of the world ;) should change naming scheme at some point.


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