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Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 00:59:06 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: cross-vendor exchange list

Hi folks,

Let's get this list started.  First, I am going to post my thoughts on
what topics are to be discussed here and how the list is to be run.  I
welcome any feedback on this before I announce this list to the public
(if we decide that this should be done).

Currently there're 18 subscribers, 12 vendors/teams (11 Linux).

Basically, anything that would likely benefit other members of this
list and that isn't non-public security vulnerability information (a
topic for vendor-sec) or standardization-related (a topic for one of
the LSB lists) should be posted in here.  Questions and requests for
comments may also be posted.

In particular, topics include:

- Package-specific information that may help avoid duplicate work or
help others improve their versions of the package.

- Transfers of or shared (upstream) maintainership of common software

- Plans for future development that would benefit or otherwise affect
other teams or for which coordination may be needed.

- Convenient access to development resources of other teams (anoncvs,
cvsweb, bug tracking systems, etc).

- Non-development topics that aren't standardization-related (if list
traffic grows, this should be moved to its separate list).

Now, my plans for running the list.  First, I think it may be rather
public.  Please let me know if someone sees that as a problem (for
example, for possibly discussing some political issues).  If we do
decide to make the list fully public, I am going to ask Hank to
archive it on MARC.  I will of course not be letting any spam to the
list either way (but the addresses of posters would be exposed in
publicly-available list archives).

Then, there's some concern of the list only being useful for
distribution teams that are centralized where either the number of
developers is small (and they all can join) or there's someone who
will forward relevant information to the right people within their
team.  I want to try and make the list also useful for projects such
as Debian.  I think this may be achieved as follows:

At first, I'd primarily invite maintainers of core packages that are
shared amongst the most distributions.  I don't expect much list
traffic in the first months of the list's existence.  If the traffic
grows, the list could be separated, say, by package categories plus
there would be a list for non-package-category-specific topics.  That         
would ensure that maintainers of, say, fileutils in every distribution
could get updates on fileutils without being flooded with information
on window managers and networking packages.


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