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Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 13:43:16 +0200
From: Maciek Pasternacki <>
Subject: Poldek, apt-get-like functionality for RPM


Poldek is an apt-get-like (but much more powerful and comfortable in
use) functionality for RPM packages used in PLD Linux Distribution
(  It is used mainly with RPM version 4,
but runs quite well also with rpm3 on Owl.  Its homepage is at .

I use it on Owl for some time and it works quite fine except for some
warnings related to usage of dummy Provides:/Requires: in kernel
package.  It has BuildRequires: rpm-devel >= 4.0 but it builds and
runs with rpm3 (it's not a misfeature, I consulted it with program
author and rpm3 support is intended, but it seems nobody except Owl
users uses it now, so there was nobody to test).

To build Poldek on Owl you need pcre library (working srpm is at and turn off BuildRequires on rpm-devel
version in Poldek srpm (srpm with this BR turned off is also available
at LeeLoo srpms page).

To make Poldek work well, it needs rpms to live in local directory;
remote access (via HTTP or FTP) needs the indexes.  As for now, I have
indexes for owl-current on my page (generated nightly from mirror); you may use indexes from one site and
rpms from the other, so you can use my indexes with your favorite
mirror of  Poldek also needs one entry in poldek.conf to
make it work well with rpm3 handling of Epoch: (promoteepoch).

Here's the config I use:

    source1 = Owl
    prefix1 =
    source = LeeLoo,type=dir /home/japhy/.rpm.d/RPMS/i386
    promoteepoch = yes

Second source entry is for packeges I rebuild by myself.

If anybody wanted to test or use Poldek on Owl, it's out there and
it's usable (at least for me).  I think it would be good to
incorporate Poldek into the distribution and have indexes on ftp
mirrors -- it would ease upgrade of the system, mixing Owl packages
with locally rebuilt and third-party ones, and reduce bandwitch usage
on mirrors.  Upgrading to current owl-current always was hard for me
because I don't have full install (e.g. I don't use Postfix but
netqmail) and had to manually select packages to upgrade; Owl lacked
some automatic upgrade/install/package management tool and Poldek
works just fine.


__    Maciek Pasternacki <> [ ]
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