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Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 19:55:14 +0300
From: Vasiliy Kulikov <>
Subject: iproute2 2.6.38

Solar, all -

I'm updating iproute2 to 2.6.38 and picking some patches from ALT Linux.

Patches I want to include:


I'm not sure about the patch iproute2-2.6.35-fixrouteget.patch:

I cannot reproduce the bug with these steps;  also I'm not sure about the
fix itself - filter.cloned is set to 2 in iproute_get() and results of
all boolean expressions are well defined, e.g. !0 == 1 and !!15 == 1, so
maybe authors of the code might want to compare 2 and 0 or 2 and 1.
I didn't try to understand ip's logic, but the patch itself looks
suspicious to me.

The same with iproute2-2.6.25-segfault.patch:

I cannot reproduce the segfault and IMO the patch makes no sense - it is
a plain copy-paste from strncpy's manpage.

I don't want to include them unless someone is able to reproduce these bugs.

About packetizing new executables:

I don't know what it is, it has no documentation:


These are 2 bash script wrappers of ip:


And I suppose we still don't want to packetize arpd, right?

About documentation:

%doc RELNOTES examples
%doc README.distribution  README.iproute2+tc  README.lnstat


Vasiliy Kulikov - bringing security into open computing environments

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