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Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 13:03:57 +0300
From: Vasiliy Kulikov <>
Subject: Re: iputils s20101006


On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 10:51 +0300, Solar Designer wrote:
> >
> I went to this link, but I can't quickly identify the Source tarball
> you'd be using in the package.  Can you please provide more info?

It is the link "Download sysfsutils" to sourceforge:

The last link is "sysfsutils" dated 2006-08-23.  I didn't try to compile
it on Owl, though.

> How do we verify its authenticity and integrity?..

As it is rather old tarball, we may compare checksums with checksums of
the same tarball in RHEL/Debian/other distros.

The AUTHORS file contains these line:

    Ananth Mavinakayanahalli <ananth AT>
    Daniel Stekloff <dsteklof AT>
    Mohan Kumar <mohan AT>
    Nitin Vashisth <vnitin AT>

So, we are to contact these people to get GPG signatures.

I've taken a look at arping's libsysfs usage, it's pretty simple:

void set_device_broadcast(char *device, unsigned char *ba, size_t balen)
    struct sysfs_class_device *dev;
    struct sysfs_attribute *brdcast;
    unsigned char *p;
    int ch;

    dev = sysfs_open_class_device("net", device);
    if (!dev) {

    brdcast = sysfs_get_classdev_attr(dev, "broadcast");
    if (!brdcast) {

    if (sysfs_read_attribute(brdcast)) {

    for (p = ba, ch = 0; p < ba + balen; p++, ch += 3)
        *p = strtoul(brdcast->value + ch, NULL, 16);


int main()
#if 1
	set_device_broadcast(device, ((struct sockaddr_ll *)&he)->sll_addr,
			     ((struct sockaddr_ll *)&he)->sll_halen);
	memset(((struct sockaddr_ll *)&he)->sll_addr, -1, ((struct sockaddr_ll *)&he)->sll_halen);

Arping tries to optimize recvfrom() by catching not all broadcasts, but
only broadcasts that current netdevice is setup to receive.  So, we may
simply comment set_device_broadcast() out and change "#if" argument to 0.


Vasiliy Kulikov - bringing security into open computing environments

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