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Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2022 09:12:37 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
To: Kai Peter <>
Subject: Re: Search path for shared libs

On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 09:15:43AM +0200, Kai Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> I did run in an issue with the search path of shared objects. I'm on
> a real custom system, so the pathes below are correct. There is no
> glibc at all, the gcc was modified to build with the loader in
> /qlnx/lib. curl was build with shared openssl libs as a dependency
> for git. Then I issue
> $ ldd /misc/bin/curl
>         /qlnx/lib/ (0x7f1e1df97000)
> => /misc/lib/ (0x7f1e1df0f000)
> => /libs/lib/ (0x7f1e1de79000)
> => /libs/lib/ (0x7f1e1dbb0000)
> => /qlnx/lib/ (0x7f1e1db93000)
> => /qlnx/lib/ (0x7f1e1df97000)
> => /qlnx/lib/ (0x7f1e1da81000)
> All fine, pathes are correct and working. Then:
> $ ldd /misc/lib/ 2>&1 | grep -v reloc
>         ldd (0x7f122b691000)
> Error loading shared library No such file or
> directory (needed by /misc/lib/
> Error loading shared library No such file or
> directory (needed by /misc/lib/
> => /qlnx/lib/ (0x7f122b4f7000)
> => /qlnx/lib/ (0x7f122b4da000)
> => ldd (0x7f122b691000)
> As a workaround I can create symlinks of the missing ssl libs in
> /qlnx/lib. The ld-musl-x86_64.path contains all pathes and it is
> read. So the question is: Why does not find
> libssl/libcrypto? Any insight?

Is the ldd you're invoking a symlink to ldso? If so, that's deprecated
usage which has problems using the right path (because the pathname
comes from what was used to invoke ldd) and you should replace it with
a shell script:

exec /qlnx/lib/ --list "$@"

Then ldso will have the right base pathname to look for its .path file
relative to.

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