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Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2022 15:09:13 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: musl 1.2.3 released

This release adds the qsort_r function (POSIX future) and several
minor extension interfaces, and support for the alternative SPE FPU
present on some PowerPC CPU models.

Notable bugs fixed include an old regression in wcwidth of Hangul
combining vowels and finals, a 1.2.2 regression breaking duplocale
when malloc is replaced, null-dereference crash of aligned allocation
functions on underlying malloc failure, out-of-bounds timezone data
read when handling distant-past timestamps, longstanding incorrect
dl_iterate_phdr reporting of module TLS pointers, and several math
library bugs that resulted in wrong results for some inputs, including
incorrectly-rounded fmaf on all softfloat archs.

Many non-bugfix compatibility improvements have also been made,
including having free preserve errno (POSIX future requirement),
better TZ environment variable handling, and having gettext accept
null message pointer (returned unchanged).

Special thanks goes out to musl's release sponsors for their patience
during this release cycle, supporting the project financially via
Patreon and GitHub Sponsors at the $32/month level or higher:

* Andrew Kelley / ziglang
* Ariadne Conill
* Danny McClanahan
* Drew DeVault
* Evan Phoenix
* Hurricane Labs (
* Jered Sutton
* Jeremiah Gowdy
* Jonathan Barronville
* Julien Voisin
* Justin Cormack
* Laurent Bercot
* Les Aker
* The Midipix Project (
* Michael Ford
* Michael Forney
* Michael Sartain
* Mirza Prasovic
* Moinak Bhattacharyya
* Nathan Hoad
* Neal Gompa
* Stream Punk
* Tyler James Frederick

Due to the length of time spanned and my lack of automated tooling,
putting together the above list was somewhat involved this time, and I
really hope I didn't omit anyone. Deepest apologies (and I will gladly
issue corrections!) if I did.

For information on becoming a sponsor, visit one of:

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