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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 13:36:22 -0700
From: enh <>
Subject: Re: Summary of open items at 1.2.3 release time

On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 2:54 PM Rich Felker <> wrote:

> I'm trying to wrap up a way-overdue release, and there are some known
> things I wanted to get done in this cycle that just need to be put
> off:
> - mntent fix: At least as I remember the state of things, there's no
>   fix patch that's been written and tested that's not making
>   additional possibly- (likely-) unwanted behavioral changes.
> - pthread_barrier_wait: It seems something is seriously wrong and I
>   (or someone else, but this is probably best for me to do) need to
>   sit down and work out the sequencing logic and figure out what's
>   wrong. The result might entail a redesign and rewrite, so I don't
>   think we can hold things up with this. I should probably drop use of
>   it in musl (all uses can be replaced by simpler primitives) but I'd
>   rather do that after release too.
> - ld-musl....path file location logic: There's a patch for this I
>   haven't reviewed. It's a low-impact issue so I'll look after
>   release.
> - ASM source file conversions to inline asm: I'm not sure of the
>   status on this; it was in progress but not ready for merge before.
> - Some mess in x32 sys/user.h: A bunch of members are 32-bit and some
>   (maybe all) need to be 64-bit?
> - Some RPATH $ORIGIN failure cases: I need to review this again.
> - Request for preadv2/pwritev2: No follow-up getting info on whether
>   or how glibc exposes them.


       preadv2() and pwritev2() first appeared in Linux 4.6.  Library
       support was added in glibc 2.26.

(we recently added them to bionic too.)

- CMSG_* warning mess: We may want to finally act on this since it
>   keeps tripping people up, but I don't want to do a hasty change and
>   risk introducing a bug at release time. Let's look at this later.
> - NFTW_CHDIR support: This is probably ok but I haven't reviewed it.
>   Hope to merge after release.
> - nscd querying when the daemon is disabled for some query types: IIRC
>   this had really problematic behavior we don't understand well still
>   on the nscd side that might mean we're doing things wrong or that
>   there's no way to do things right. Needs investigation before any
>   action.
> - Glob altdirfunc stuff and related changes: I don't remember if the
>   UB was all resolved; if so this may be acceptable to merge.
> - _SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF: Need to review where this is at.
> - Improvements to qsort: These were put off pending qsort_r, which is
>   done now, so it may be appropriate to fix up and merge these.
> And some things that were open but approved for merge or trivial, that
> I'm fixing now:
> - Zeroing canary byte to avoid leaking it via string functions
> - Avoid runtime conversions of floating-point constants
> - __WORDSIZE inconsistency on x32
> - Linux uapi additions
> - nice EACCES/EPERM issue
> All in all, the above list turned out to be a lot more extensive than
> I expected, and this really highlights the need for an issue
> tracker...
> Please reply to add anything I may have missed. If you have follow-up
> on any of the actual items, though, maybe hold off for a few days
> until I can actually get a release out and have mental space to deal
> with new stuff. :-)
> Rich

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