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Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 06:47:00 -0400
From: "Stefan O'Rear" <>
Subject: Re: riscv32 v2

On Fri, Sep 4, 2020, at 1:48 AM, Stefan O'Rear wrote:
> FAIL src/api/main.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/fcntl-static.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/fcntl.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/ipc_msg-static.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/ipc_msg.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/ipc_sem-static.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/ipc_sem.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/ipc_shm-static.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/ipc_shm.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/strptime-static.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/functional/strptime.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/math/fma.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/math/fmaf.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/math/powf.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/regression/malloc-brk-fail-static.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/regression/malloc-brk-fail.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/regression/pthread_atfork-errno-clobber-static.exe [status 1]
> FAIL src/regression/pthread_atfork-errno-clobber.exe [status 1]
> The fcntl and sysvipc errors do not correspond to any error in x86_64
> and potentially require investigation, although they could be kernel
> configuration issues.  x86_64 has a different but overlapping set of
> math errors; qemu is known to not give bit-exact results for RISC-V
> floating point.  The malloc, pthread, and src/api/main.exe failures
> match failures on x86_64.

Attached patch reaches test failure parity between riscv32 and riscv64
and will be included in v3.

* gdb HEAD wants ELF_NFPREG, so I set it in bits/user.h to the value
  gdb needs.  (glibc does #define ELF_NFPREG NFPREG and expects gdb
  to define NFPREG. I don't get this.)

* Restore accidentally removed errno setting in waitpid, fixes a gdb
  assertion failure.

* Zero IPC_64 because the kernel only recognizes one set of IPC commands.

* Copy the IPC_TIME64 bits from arch/arm/bits to trigger the musl code
  for fixing time64 IPC_STAT results.  I'm not super happy with this,
  maybe there should be a new mechanism in musl for fixing IPC_STAT for
  unconditionally-time64 architectures.

* riscv32 _does_ provide both F_GETLK and F_GETLK32; make sure we use
  the right one.

Download attachment "post-v2.diff" of type "application/octet-stream" (4293 bytes)

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