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Date: Wed, 20 May 2020 18:30:43 +0200
From: Brian Peregrine <>
Subject: Re: Musl gentoo development: browsers

So far, there has been no progress on the creation of those browser
scripts I mentioned last time. No binaries were made so far either.
Main problem hindering further development is lack of funding as for
the actual development work everything falls on Stephanie and I
consider (financial) compensation for her paramount. She hasn't
received much donations through the funding link at github
( so that's not working.

A possible solution I came up with is just dropping Chromium and
replacing it with Brave instead. The idea here is that since Brave
generates money for its users (you get paid from advertisements); that
money can be sent back to us by musl users that will also use the
(musl) Brave browser we could create binaries for. Similarly, they can
support our other development work (Palemoon musl, firefox musl, and
our musl distro (TAZ).

The system is called BAT (Basic Attention Tokens).

Anyway let me know if there are any enthusiasts out there that would
indeed support us. They can just deposit a small sum trough the button
on our repo, or directly at

You can donate less then 5$ or so, since it takes a while to get to 5$
with BATs (or so I assume, giving the page on token giveaways, see ). If I read correctly on the pages on
BATs, you can then deposit the 5$ you earned later-on through the
system back to your own deposit account, meaning you can compensate
the sum and actually did no expense whatsoever. Don't shoot me if I'm
wrong on all this, check it out yourself first. But I think I'm
correct ...

If there are enthusiasts, I'll mention the idea to Stephanie to see
whether she is interested in it, and whether she is interested in
registering as a Brave creator ( ). The
other thing is that I got no idea how much work she'll have on it and
thus the amount of people needing to donate to get this done.

It's just an idea to get this done (and could perhaps support other
musl development projects too). If there are any others developers
that are interested in tackling the scripts for fun, go right ahead
(and let me know). Then, this whole setup wouldn't be needed.

If the thing succeeds, Stephanie can make a repo specifically for
holding the ebuild scripts, and the binaries produced from it can be
put on

I read the basic (non-musl) scripts should be on , after reading that someone else already
tried to make a gentoo Brave package once.


On 2/15/20, Rich Felker <> wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 03:20:08PM +0100, Brian Peregrine wrote:
>> I probably need to clarify the approach further.
>> The idea is to have something (more precisely a script) which is
>> intented specifically for gentoo (not all linux variants; not that the
>> pull is to the gentoo/musl  repo btw). Once that's ready, a binary can
>> be made. Speaking for our own distro, it can be used on the optional
>> usb stick
>> (
>> ). I assume these binaries can then also be shared and used with
>> non-gentoo based linux versions (if generic compiler flags are used,
>> which is also the idea).
>> Interested people can work on improving the files in the pull
>> ( ) and then having these
>> improvements added to the pull.
>> Adelie's firefox-esr version is 68.5.0, jakeogh's version (in pull) is
>> v.41 so Adelie's version is indeed newer. Current is v73, so still
>> needs to be improved it further. So yes, you could already switch this
>> in the pull.
>> The binary I used of Adelie (v52.9.0-r4, back in June 2019) didn't
>> work, and wasn't optimized for i686 cpu's (and also, Adelie linux is
>> based on abuild system rather then gentoo's portage system), so I am
>> somewhat cautious. That said, if the script is worked out further,
>> there may be no issues.
> AIUI Adélie follows -esr for which 68 is latest; is that incorrect?
> Alpine has 73 in the testing repo.
> Rich

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